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Passion and curiosity, two words that describe my lifestyle.

Native of the Ardennes, I have always been very curious about the world of science. This led me to discover the digital world and programming at a young age. My first language, the one that made me discover algorithms and the way to code, is Java.

In a high school in Sedan, I obtained a baccalaureate S - Engineering Sciences, which allowed me to satisfy my technical curiosity, through the teaching of mechanics, electrical engineering and computing.

I then studied networks and telecommunication sciences at the IUT of Châlons-en-Champagne.
I was able to acquire a lot of network skills, from basic architectures to operator networks (MPLS, BGP, MP-BGP, VPN-MPLS).
I also acquired programming skills, highly system-oriented (Python, Powershell…), but also modern-application-oriented, with APIs programming (Python).
In addition to these skills, there are system skills, through the expertise of various services (NGINX, Bind9, Apache, PostgreSQL…) but also of various technologies, such as containerization, virtualization, and supervision.
Finally, I have acquired some digital signal processing tools, and some electronics notions.

This year, I joined the UTC, an engineering school in Compiègne, in order to improve myself in my system and artificial intelligence skills.

I am interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain, and I think that the applications we have today are very small, compared to the huge potential of this technology.

In order to share my discoveries and my adventures in the digital world, I run this blog, which also serves as my personal website.

This website is one of my personal projects. It is not powered by HTML, but by Markdown and uses system and DevOps skills!

To discover these personal projects, you can follow me on GitHub : Alestrio

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